The Direction of MECÁNICAS DE LA SERNA, S.A. takes the responsability and assumes the commitment to implant, maintain and improve continuously the efficiency of its Quality System Management according to the Norm ISO 9001:2000.

The principles of the Quality Policy, which systematic constitutes the basis of the Quality System Management and which knowledge and application is the key to reach the success, are:

1.- Our priority objective is to satisfy the needs and reasonable expectations of our customers by means of their requirements fulfilment.
2.- The continuous improvement of our process and results is the key
       2.1.- To set the Quality Objectives.
       2.2.- To get that our product and service achieve an optimum quality                 level: Products agreed to specifications, methods suitable for the                 Non Conformities prevention, detection and correction.
3.- To involve all the personnel of the Company in the implantation, development and continuous improvement of the Quality System Management.
Legal Note
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